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Record Store Day 2016 Reflections

Record Store Day 2016 Haul
Record Store Day 2016 Haul

Record Store Day brought an old teacher back to me, one who is no longer with us.  It reminded me of all the opportunities I wasted for lack of self-confidence.  So many things I could have learned if I had been open and willing.  Let me push myself today and everyday after, as I try to honor the knowledge and traditions all my teachers have done their best to impart.

It also put Roy Haynes’ Just Us in my hands in cd form.  Chicago’s own Eddie DeHaas is on bass. I used to get to hear Eddie at the Bop Shop jam sessions on Tuesday nights, with Rusty Jones on drums, way back in the day.  It was a pleasure to hear Eddie’s playing again and Roy is absolutely killing on this recording.



The Countdown

The Countdown

No not the countdown to the new web site, but, just arrived on LP all the way from Scandinavia, Mulgrew Miller’s The Countdown; featuring Joe Henderdson, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams. I’ve had this on a cassette since 1988 thanks to WPFW but it had long been worn out. Ah another day here in paradise.

And look how skinny he was!


In the studio with calf skin and dunduns

I tucked a new calf skin for my Montinieri 4×14 snare drum just in time to go into the Delmark Recording Studio with trumpeter Yves Francios on Sunday.

The head came out great.  The recording went well.  I also used my dundun drum set on the session.  Hopefully I can get some of Kimber’s shots of the set up in the studio.

IMG_20140525_calf7_decorated IMG_20140525_100758_918