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Samples of Bonbon on drums:

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Percussion Duets

Bruce Mak 3 + 1

Bruce Mak Trio + 1 & Extra Special Guests

Bruce Mak – Guitar,   Wes Morgan – Bass,   BBF – Drum set,
Michael Tooles – Percussion
Guests: George Belle – Flute,   Yves Françios – trumpet
Live at Margaret’s Restaurant, Chicago, IL 2016-04-05


Spider Trio


Straight Ahead Trio  featuring Jim Sellers:



Bruce Mak Trio / Merry Mak Men

2015 02 14: Live at the Raw Bar
Bruce Mak – Guitar; Wes Morgan – Bass; BBF TK – Drum Set
Recorded by George Belle

Axum (Mak)

House of Bread (Mak)

Floppy Hat (Holdsworth)


2000 03 24 House of Rhythm: 59 Blues 
Bruce Mak – Guitar; Gordon Lewis- Bass; BBF – Drums

59 Blues (Mak)

Pretty Memory (Timmons)


BBF’s Open Spirits

2007 04 10 at Fred Anderson’s Velvet Lounge

Lei (Maddox/Keenan)

 Open Spirits: Free-tet

2015 09 12 at the Armitage Arts Festival

Kurt Iselt – Alto Sax,   George Belle – Flute,   Dan McNaughton Bass
BBF – Drums & Gongs


Socratic Dialogue

1997 04 Elysian Sound Studios: Socratic Dialogue
John Adkins – Trumpet, Flugelhorn; Paul Fenner – Tenor Saxophone; Darius Savage – Bass; BBF Drum Set

Children of Rwanda (Adkins)

Heaven (Ellington)

Irradiation (Adkins)



Lineage Duets

1995 02 & 03 Elysian Sound Studio: Lineage Duets
Dave Maddox – tenor Sax, BBF – Drums

Donkey (Maddox/Keenan)

Lei (Maddox/Keenan)

Roost (Maddox/Keenan)

Folk Line (Maddox/Keenan)



Sunset With Miro

Spoken Word and Music


Spider Trio


The Astral Terra Trapeze unit