The Key


The most elegant drum key design I have encountered.  I first got this key at the end of grammar school.  It came with the Tama Hi-Beat bass drum pedal that replaced the CB 700 pedal which had fallen apart.  That was one of my first purchases of real professional drum equipment.  I had the key all through high school and college.  I lost it shortly after I graduated when it fell out of my pocket at Malcom X Park in DC.

So after several years of a standing search on EBay, another one has finally found it’s way to me.  And I only had to buy 4 other keys along with this one to get it!

It fits in the hand so nicely.  The curve of the bend makes it so comfortable.  It’s so easy to get to the bass drum tension  rods by the pedal. It gets good leverage.  I don’t know why these keys weren’t more popular and why Tama made so few.  I never saw anyone else with one.

If anyone else out there knows where I can get another one, in case I lose this one, please let me know.

And anybody need any regular keys?  I have a bunch I can donate.